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Get Trauma Informed Podcast

Wellness Coach Liz Blanding

The Get Trauma Informed Podcast is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of trauma, its pervasive impact, and the journey toward holistic recovery and realignment.

If your radiance have ever felt muted, like I and thousands of others, you are in the right place to reignite your inner light.  I'm your host, Wellness Coach Liz Blanding.
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Trauma was not your Fault, your were collateral damage on someone else's warpath. Recovery however is our Responsibility.  I am your Holistic Trauma Recovery Coach and Fellow Survivor turned Thriver.  We bring awareness of the resources available to those who are suffering in silence that was created by Trauma.

Together we'll explore the depths of trauma awareness, the critical importance of understanding its effects, trauma discrimination, trauma ignorance and the many paths available for holistic recovery and realignment.  

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